It is by the mercy of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit that you could consecrate yourself to be a full-time trainee, choosing to give all your time to the pursuit of the truth and the service of the church. This is a serious decision. At the same time it is a most glorious choice.
ဘုရားသခင္​၏ ကရုဏာ​ေတာ္​အားျဖင္​့ သန္​႔႐ွင္​း​ေသာ၀ိညာဥ္​​ေတာ္​၏ လုပ္​​ေဆာင္​မႈမွ တဆင္​့ သင္​သည္​ မိမိကိုယ္​ကို အခ်ိန္​ျပည္​့ သင္​တန္​းသားအျဖစ္​ ဆက္​ကပ္​အပ္​ႏွံကာ သမၼာတရားကုိ ​ေလ့လာ​ဆည္​းပူးရန္​ႏွင္​့ အသင္​း​ေတာ္​၏ အ​ေစခံျခင္​းအတြက္​ သင္​၏ အခ်ိန္​အားလုံးကုိ ​ေပးအပ္​ႏုိင္​ၿပီျဖစ္​သည္​။ ဤအရာသည္​ အ​ေရးႀကီး​ေသာ ဆုံးျဖတ္​ခ်က္​ ျဖစ္​သည္​။ တစ္​ခ်ိန္​တည္​းမွာပင္​ ဤအရာသည္​ ဘုန္​းအသ​ေရ အတင္​့တယ္​ဆုံး​ေသာ ​ေရြးခ်ယ္​မႈျဖစ္​ပါသည္​။

To register as a full-time trainee:

  1. Thoroughly review the information in the Prospective Trainees section.
  2. Fellowship with your elders and ask them to submit a recommendation. Provide them a printed copy of your application if they would like one.